Gwenydd – Template for the Mercedes W07

 DOWNLOAD: Template for the Mercedes W07

2018-04-17 7:13:02 AM





This is my rFactor2 template for the Mercedes W07 wheel I built. This template was designed for the simrace-lcd display but should also work well for any LCD. I have added flags for pit limiter, damage, etc. which are all tweaked to fit the display layout without obstructing other critical information.

– Extract the zip on desktop
– Copy the .json files and the preview png files into /vdash_template/templates/ directory
– Select Set Template… menu on a new page for each of the two pages to load the templates into VDASH-EMU

*Note – in order to switch pages in your sim be sure to go to vdash-emu advanced settings, then DISPLAY/CONTROLS/VDASHEMU and assign a button or control for btn_next_vdash_display and or btn_prev_vdash_display.