[LCD MONITOR VERSION] Assetto Corsa Ferrari SF70H F1

DOWNLOAD: LCD Version of Assetto Corsa Ferrari SF70H F1 Template
Version suitable for SIM Race LCD device or any LCD Monitor


You must have the latest version of VDASH-EMU v1.1-3d and SLIMax Mgr Pro v3.4.6.2i or greater to use this template and you have to select the corresponding car setup “assetto_corsa_F1_2017.cfg” using SLIMax Mgr Pro (see the screenshot).


Attention, there is a bug sometime in A.C which prevent to use the template correctly… A.C. sometime set the max engine of the F1 SF70H to 2650 RPM!!! :) the normal MAX ENGINE RPM should be around 15000 RPM, in this case simply restart A.C. until you have the correct Max Engne RPM value or press the throttle pedal until you reach the 15000 RPM.

– extract the zip on desktop
– copy the json and its preview png into /vdash_template/templates/ directory

Select Set Template menu on new page to load the template into your VDASH-EMU (see the doc for more info).