Since version 3.46.2 of SLIMax Mgr Pro your serial number is now automatically reported to the donation page to avoid any error but read carefully the following information if you report MANUALLY your serial number (which is not recommended).

There’s 3 main causes if SLIMax Manager Pro do not recognize your device (obviously, windows recognizes your usb device and the device test has been successfully passed).

1) you didn’t double-check the registration form and provide a WRONG serial number
We need to generate a new SERIAL NUMBER, send a new donation with the good serial number and with a text “wrong SN registered” in Paypal comments

2) you didn’t double-check the registration form and provide a good serial number but the WRONG model of SLI Device (you choose SLI-PRO in place of SLI-M for example )
Contact us by email  with a short explanation (no need to register again)

3) you provide the right model of SLI device and the good serial number
You have a network communication issue and the license cannot be downloaded from our server. You need to check your Windows configuration and fix it.

So please DOUBLE-CHECK your SERIAL NUMBER and DEVICE or EMU TYPE when you register.



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