c- Basic Setup Options









The basic setup options panel is the first thing to use when you start using the SLIMax Manager Pro with your device or emulator (EMU) and when you want to customize your setup. When you change the otpions on this panel a preview is visible on your device or EMU.

The title of the panel gives you the name of the device/EMU selected followed by the name of setup (.cfg file ) currently used by this device or EMU

1. is the Shelf and contains all devices or EMU recognized by SLIMax Mgr Pro at startup

2. select a preset to change your setup options automatically

3. select the USER LEVEL SELECTOR to filter the dialog and change the USER LEVEL to display more or less settings. The BASIC LEVEL is recommended when you start using the manager.
BASIC LEVEL contains essential settings to get started.
STD LEVEL contains the basic settings including Optimal Shift-Points (see the doc for more info on OSP).
EXPERT LEVEL is recommended for users who are more confortable with SLIMax Mgr Pro.

4. contains 2 to 3 shortcuts to enable or disable the corresponding behavior (all functions related will be activated or deactivated):
Pit Limiter, feedback on display/LED when the speed limiter is ON
Optimal ShiftPoints (OSP), feedback on display/LED when OSP is reached
Traction Control, feedback on display/LED when traction control (TC) is ON

5. Units menu,
to set the speed to MPH or Km/h (KPH), other values are set to IMPERIAL/METRIC accordingly

Max gear at startup,
defines the maximum gear of the current car gearbox at startup. This value is optional and useful when the API of the game or simulation doesn’t provide the information.

If you put 5 for example and you drive a GT car with 6 gears the software will increase the max gear value automatically when gear 6 is engaged. The max gear value is used in Shiftlights method when you set to true the function to disable the shiftlights on last gear (in F1 car for example the shiftlights is usually disabled when you reach the last gear 7 or 8 ).

6. OSP Factor
This defines a global value for the Optimal ShiftPoints. The optimal moment for the engine to shift up and not loosing too much rev. In advanced setup options you can defines an OSP value for each gear.

7. Pit Limiter Method,
Choose the type of speed limiter feedback you want by selecting a Pit Limiter Method. A preview is displaying on your device/EMU.

8.  ShiftLights Method,
Choose the type of ShiftLights feedback you want by selecting a Shiftlights Method. A preview is displaying on your device/EMU. In advanced setup options you can customize your shiftlights and define when each led is triggered.

9.  ShiftPoints Method (OSP),
Choose the type of Optimal ShiftPoints feedback you want by selecting a ShiftPoints Method. A preview is displaying on your device/EMU. In advanced setup options you can customize your shiftPoints.

10. Global Brightness,
Global value to setup the brightness of you device (not available on all devices)

11 & 12. Digits Panels (Left/Central/Right Panels). This menu contains all functions available for the digits panel of your device or emulator.
Select the function on menu to display data (speed, pos., laps, …) on your digits panel if IT IS AVAILABLE in the game or simulation API you are running.
This is the default information of slot/position 1 only. Use the Advanced Options to configure all slots (up to 32) and to assign a control (buttons or switch) to cycle through all these telemetry info (all slots), read the doc/faq and watch video tutorial for more info on digits panel…

13. Information Area,
Information on current selected setup

14. Shortcut button to access the Advanced Setup Options of current selected setup

15. SAVE button,
Save your changes