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Registration to get your license is SIMPLE, read carefully this FAQ:

Does I need to register?
– yes, you need to register your USB device or EMUlator on device Android and Windows to get your license. SLIMax Mgr Pro do not need to be registered and can be installed as many times as you want.

What information do I need to register my device or VDASH-EMU?
you need FIRST to install the SLIMax Mgr Pro on PC and run your EMUlator on your device to get the EMU serial number (or plug your usb device).
This is the recommended way to check if the software is correctly installed on your configuration.

IMPORTANT: you must choose your platform Android or Windows BEFORE you make your donation for a EMUlateur type VDASH-EMU, You must register your software support account with this emulator (the serial number must correspond to the donation or your support account will be discarded by the system).

DO NOT REGISTER until everything is running correctly and until SLIMax Mgr Pro recognizes the VDASH-EMU or the device on the “Registration Info…” window (see HERE to read the FAQ to get your serial number). You can test the EDITOR MODE without a license..


(see HERE to read how does the software cost).

How to register my VDASH-EMU or my USB device the first time?
– FIRST TIME REGISTRATION: if this is the first time you register

Run SLIMax Manager Pro
> Select Registration Info menu if the windows is not visible
> Select the device or emulator in the list
> And click the REGISTER button
> and make your donation

That’s it!

IMPORTANT: you must make your donation and completely fill out your registration form to get your license and create your support account. If you do not create your support account your license will be generated but you will not be able to receive the first instructions, access the support forum and get exclusive content. You should be redirected to the registration page after your donation to create your support account.

How to register additional EMU device?
Do not create another support account, just check the price for additional EMU or USB device license (read the FAQ about the license prices) and make your donation.

Thanks to copy/paste your license serial number into the Paypal comments to avoid any error
Merci de copier/coller votre numéro de série de license dans les commentaires Paypal pour éviter toute erreur
Grazie per aver copiato / incollato il numero di serie della licenza nei commenti di Paypal per evitare qualsiasi errore

FAQ: How To Get (Copy/Paste) Serial Number