a- SLIMax Mgr Pro Introduction

SLIMax Manager Pro
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(updated – 2017-07-07, still a work in progress…)


The most advanced and professional manager to control your gameware on your favorite games and simulations.
A powerful tool for Windows OS to enjoy your usb device display and your virtual racing dash emulator for Windows and Android with more than 60 racing games or simulations.

The current devices supported (2016-11) are:
SIM Race LCD, SIM Race F1, SIM Race Deluxe, SIM Race GT, SIM RACE PRO USB Shift lights Display devices from SIM Display,
USB Shift lights Interface ( SLI-F1, SLI-PRO, SLI-M, BU0710, old SLI,…) and game controllers from Leo Bodnar,
All Fanatec, Logitech, Steelseries SRW-S1 and Thrustmaster steering wheels,
and also, support any HID Compliant hardware including, any buttons-box like the famous Derek Speare Designs (DSD) devices, any buttons and encoders controllers, joystick, gamepad, shifter, etc.

SLIMax Manager Pro main features are:

– management of LED of your display including: RPM Shiftlights, Marshal/Warning/External LEDs, Shift-points feedback, KERS/ERS/DRS feedback, Pit-limiter feedback
– management of DIGITS of your display including: gear digits, left/right panels 6 x 7 segments digits, left/right panels 4×14 seg. digits, central Fanatec panel 3×7 seg. digits

– including a device and emulator SETUPS Management, hundreds of default setups already included + the possibility to create your own setup up to 300 custom setups per device/emulator

– management of information displayed on digits panels, more than 100 functions available (speed, rpm, fuel, temp, press, current/last/best laptime, sector, delta time, etc.)
– management of a PRO DELTA TIME to improve your PB based on database of partials (portion of track)
– management of DELTA TIME clipping tool to fine tune your delta time
– contains almost all F1/GT Steering wheel behaviors (PIT-LIMITER, ENGINE STALL, BRAKE BIAS, BOOST/OVERDRIVE, DIFF.IN/MID/OUT, ARBR/L, Throttle shape, MIX, etc.)

– Including a game/simulation Plugins Manager (more than 60 games/simulations supported)

– management of mapping your display controller buttons, switches, encoders to keystrokes sequence (macro) to drive your simulation/game
– management of mapping your steering wheel buttons, axes, encoders to keystrokes sequence (macro) to drive your simulation/game
– management of mapping your buttons, axes, encoders to keystrokes sequence (macro) to drive your simulation/game of your DSD Buttonbox and you Virtual ButtonBox integrated with VDASH-EMU

– management of your pedals set motors/axes
– management of your wheel angle or D.O.R. (max Degree Of Rotation) for each car of your Fanatec, Logitech and Thrustmaster steering wheel

– laps telemetry dump, to analyze and compare your laps

– test your devices / emulators quickly

– include an AUTO-UPDATER to keep your installation up to date (software, setups and plugins updates management)

– management of proxy applications for Codemasters titles to use multiple sim racing device simultaneously (display/emulators, motion platform, buttkicker, etc.)

– management of bridge applications for PS4 / XBOX ONE to use your display/emulators with your Console games

– Fanatec hardware are fully managed and a special section has been created in support forum to get started smoothly with your steering wheel and pedals set.

All information managed by SLIMax Manager Pro are not available in all games/simulations it depends of the the amount of telemetry available in their A.P.I. (Application Programming interface).