Getting Started With Fanatec

Getting Started with Fanatec And SLIMax Manager Pro

Here is the basic steps to get started with SLIMax Manager Pro.


The Software License
Don’t wait EKSIMRacing offering during a limited time
a free software license  The offer started in Nov. 2013 and ends in Nov.2021 after 8 years we now ask a tiny contribution of $5 to contribute to the EKSIMRacing foundation projects, thank you for your continuous support.

EKSIMRacing Members Notice: if you already registered your Fanatec and donate to the foundation a $5 credit has been added automatically to your support account to get your new software license for FREE.

– run SLIMax Manager Pro, it will prompt you to get your software license the first time click NO button and follow the registration process to make your donation and register your support account.

– a dialog prompt you to register your software license the first time you launch SLIMax Manager Pro, click “REGISTER” button to make your $5 (USD) contribution to EKSIMRacing foundation and register your support account.

EKSIMRacing Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sim racing since 2007 and ask you to take part to the project by making a minimum donation of $5 for using SLIMax Manager Pro with your Fanatec hardware.

– your software license and your support account is validated within 24h and a notification is sent to you automatically (login your support account to read your pending messages ),

*IMPORTANT: nothing is sent to you if you don’t have a support account the license is registered within 24h and a notification is sent automatically to your support account. Do not forget to register your account after making your donation to receive all the information to get started quickly with your steering wheel and SLIMax Mgr Pro.

– launch SLIMax Manager Pro to fetch and install your software license. The software license is automatically downloaded and installed by SLIMax Manager Pro (version or greater) to enjoy your Fanatec hardware with more than 60 simulations/games.

This time click YES to download, install and validate your license

SLIMax Manager contains many features including the support of more than 60 games, the full management of the display and the LED of your Fanatec steering wheel and wheel base, a full management of your buttons/encoders, a wizard to create easily keystrokes sequence (MACRO) assignable to button/encoder, a full management of the motors of your CSP pedals set, rim and wheel base and many more.

List of current Fanatec Hardware supported*:

Almost all Fanatec rim* (including the latest Fomula V2 steering wheel)

Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base,
Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base v2,
Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base v2.5,
Fanatec Podium Series DD1,
Fanatec Podium Series DD2,
Fanatec Podium Series CSL DD,
Fanatec ClubSport Pedals Set v1,
Fanatec ClubSport Pedals Set v2,
Fanatec ClubSport Pedals Set v3,
Fanatec ClubSport Pedals Set v3i,
Fanatec CSL Elite (including Pedals Set),
Fanatec CSR,
Fanatec Porsche Turbo,
Fanatec Porsche Carrera,
Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S,
Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2,
Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 v2,
Fanatec ClubSport Shifter,
Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake

*SLIMax Mgr Pro have been tested with latest Fanatec driver and firmware and compiled with latest Fanatec SDK v3.9+
(version 346 of the Fanatec driver is recommended). The software manages all Fanatec hardware supported by the version 3.9 of the official Fanatec SDK.

VDASH-EMU ( virtual Racing Dash ) is the best companion of your Fanatec device, a powerful second screen/dash available for Android/Windows ( Virtual Racing Dash Emulator VDASH-EMU )

*PRO Subscription is required if you ‘re using our software in business context, read the terms and conditions of use and the corresponding FAQ, HERE.

All Information below are valid for SLIMax Manager Pro
( old software like SLIMax Fanatec Edition is outdated and contains less features and has been discontinued use SLIMax Manager Pro instead).

Getting Started


Basic steps to get started quickly with your Fanatec hardware.

– download and install the latest SLIMax Manager v3.4.6.7f+ ( don’t forget to select Check for update menu to launch the auto-updater and to keep your installation up to date)

Download latest SLIMax Manager Pro

Download latest SLIMax Manager Pro

Download SLIMax Manager Pro

– configure the sim / games to send telemetry data and to disable the native Fanatec support of the display and LED.

DISABLE the native Fanatec support of your display/LED in game settings is absolutely required to enjoy all features of your Fanatec hardware with SLIMax Manager.


How do I know if I correctly disabled the Fanatec native support of LED/Display of my game?

To test if you correctly DISABLED the native Fanatec led/display support of the game, simply quit SLIMax Manager and launch the game alone, go on track and nothing should be displayed and led must stay OFF.

First steps have been done (download, installation and game configuration), it’s time to start:

– run the manager
– run the sim or game
Enjoy! 🙂

It is recommended to follow the basic steps above,

Use the default Fanatec setup, enjoy your sim rig with your favorite game or simulation and later start to customize your setup to suit your needs. After your first run, read the quick info and tips below and later click the TAB Advanced Setup Options to get more information.



The Basic Options:

Select the Basic Setup Options menu and play with the basic settings for example to change the unit (MPH/KPH), change the Pit limiter, Shiftlights or Shiftpoints method.

More info on Basic Options settings are available in User Guide, HERE

The General Options

General options contains global settings and can be useful for example if you need to display the system time in the 12h or 24h (your PC system time is displayed when the game is paused).

Select A Setup:

SLIMax Manager is provided with several car setups to get started quickly with your hardware. The Fanatec default setups named fanatec_default.cfg. (see the screenshot below) are suitable for almost ALL simulations or games other than modern F1 cars (2015 season and beyond) so it’s preferable to select the corresponding F1 setups in this case. These setups ARE RECOMMENDED for beginners and to get started quickly.

Later, you will be able to alter or create new setup to suit your needs (see the Advanced Setup Options tab).

Advanced Setup Options

Advanced Setup Options:

Check the video tutorials, doc and F.A.Q. to go further and learn how to customize your setup to suit your needs.

Among hundred of functions for customizing your setup, here are the functions specific to Fanatec hardware.

Shift Char Left/Right
-> surround the gear value with the chosen chars on OSP (Optimal ShiftPoints ) to use with a special OSP method named FanaFoo from Basic or Advanced Setup Options.

Gear Shock Effect
-> Active the base or wheel motors on shifting

Throttle Effect*
-> Active the CSP v3 throttle rumble motor under specific condition

ABS Effect*
-> Active the CSP v2/v3 brake rumble motor when ABS is active

*see below the notes related to throttle/abs effect

Using Fanatec 7 way encoder switch

The 7 way rotary encoder:

The 7 way rotary encoder on the right of almost all Fanatec rim can be configured to change the function of the 3 digits display (gear, speed, fuel, etc.).


You need to assign the encoder to the corresponding CONTROLS (Button Up/Down Display)

Beware the SLIMax Mgr Fanatec default setup with McLaren rim may be altered. The “FunkySwitch” encoder is mapped differently with buttons ID 17/18 and not ID 23/24 if you have a Fanatec McLaren Firmware prior to v30 (update your rim firmware is recommended).

The Mini Fanatec OLED in current firmware doesn’t have a complete characters set unfortunately, some text and dot cannot be displayed. We recommend to display gear only.


fanatec_clubspot_pedal_v2 fanatec_clubspot_pedal_v3

To take the full benefit of the SLIMax Manager Pro management of your CSP Rumble Motors (Brake and Throttle) it’s recommended to connect it directly to the PC USB port but obviously this is working on wheel base as well.

Attention: you can’t use the CSP Pedals Set rumble motor(s) alone with SLIMax Manager, you need a Fanatec wheel base connected as well


ABS and Throttle effect activation/deactivation are also available from Basic Setup Options wizard when the CSP Pedals set is connected directly onto the wheel base.

In advanced options activate the ABS or/and Throttle effect*

When CSP is connected to the Base wheel edit your Fanatec setup:

When it is connected to USB Port as a standalone Pedals Set edit the CSP control setup

Don’t forget to activate the AXIS #1 corresponding to the throttle pedal of CSP v3
(automatically activated in SLIMax Mgr Pro)

Read the FAQ for more info about ABS effect and limitation: Why the ABS Effect not working with my Fanatec CSP?

Activate the Analog Joystick (axis 4) as a temporary switch


Change/Add Display Information on Fanatec Central Panel:

Select the Basic Setup Options and click the the EXPERT tab to change the primary information on your Fanatec central display. We recommend to display gear only on McLaren and Formula V2 OLED display (the OLED display have a very limited chars set).

More info can be assigned to your central display in Advanced Setup Options.

FORMULA V2 RIM – SLIMax Manager Features:

(The latest version of SLIMax Manager Pro is required )

Version of SLIMax Manager Pro supports fully the new Fanatec Formula V2 steering wheel which include the following features (in addition to all the features of the current Fanatec hardware):

You CAN’T enjoy the led of your Fanatec Formula V2 steering wheel with SLIMax Manager or any other 3rd party tool WITHOUT DISABLING THE NATIVE FANATEC SUPPORT IN GAME SETTINGS (read the notes below and configure your games).

+the the brightness management of the 9 RPM and 6 Warning/Flag led of the Formula V2,

Edit your setup using the Basic Setup Options to change your brightness

+the new Shiftlights styles (3 colors layout):

Default (Fanatec) Yellow, Red, Blue
GT Green,Yellow, Red,
F1 Green, Red, Blue

Edit your setup using the Advanced or Basic Setup Options to change the Shiftlights Style

+the full management of the 6 Warning/Flag led,
-Assign any function to one or more led Like
low fuel warning,
yellow/blue flag,
OSP (Optimal Shiftpoints),
Pit Limiter,
Starting Lights,

Edit your setup using the Advanced Setup Options and go to LED section to assign led to a function

+Assign any button to one warning/flag led, each time you press the button you get a feedback

+Manage Color Of Your FLAG LEDs
version is required to change the color of the 6 FLAG Led of your Formula V2

Edit your setup and go to Avdanced Setup Options > LED > then select your custom color for each FLAG LED

IMPORTANT: since the latest firmware of Fanatec the correct default color values for FLAG LED are, 4.yellow,,, 4.yellow,

+Management all steering buttons up to 64 (Fanatec McLaren and Formula V2)

All MPS mode of McLaren and Formula v2 rim are supported

You can create easily keystrokes sequence (MACRO) mapped to button using the Advanced Setup Options to manage your game.

– Big improvement of the Button Mapping Wizard to accept 64 buttons.
Fanatec McLaren and Formula V2 steering wheel buttons can be assigned easily to create a keystrokes sequence to drive your game.

Also, you can now press any button on your steering wheel to select the corresponding sequence AUTOMATICALLY, no longer need to know the id of each button, simply open the wizard click the button on your steering wheel and enter the key(s).

You CAN’T enjoy the led of your Fanatec Formula V2 steering wheel with SLIMax Manager or any other 3rd party tool
All games which not include a way to disable the Fanatec Led/Display can be in conflict with SLIMax Manager.

Also, accordingly to Fanatec information (2019-03) and due to a limitation of the electronic of your wheel base you can’t use new features of Formula V2
if it’s on CSL Elite Base (first version) or CSW Base V1.5 or CSW Base v1.0
IMPORTANT: driver version 336+ is required on CSW Base v2.0 to support FLAG LED of Formula v2

All test have been successfully done on CSW Base v2.0, CSW Base v2.5, CSL Elite E WB+ and Podium DD Series. To disable the native management of Fanatec LED/Display,

Read the FAQ “How to configure your games”

How do I know if I correctly disabled the Fanatec native support of LED/Display of my game?
To test if you correctly DISABLED the native Fanatec led/display support of the game, simply quit SLIMax Manager Pro and launch the game alone, go on track and nothing should be displayed and led must stay OFF.


CSL base and P1 rim are fully supported. You can use the P1 RIM Rev Led in standard mode (by default) to get shiftlights feedback or set a general option to switch to “FLAG MODE” using Yellow, Blue and Red color to warn you when FIA FLAG‘s or Engine Warning or Low Fuel is set…


IMPORTANT: be sure to have the latest SLIMax Manager and the Fanatec v328+ driver installed on base v2/v2.5 and CSL before activating this feature.

if the BIG RIM Led of P1 is allowed in General Options then this acts like 3 warning LEDs (blue, yellow and red), each color can be assigned to a function using the Advanced Setup Options.

The corresponding index of each led are:

index 1 for blue
index 2 for Yellow
index 3 for Red

In this example below the index 2 (yellow color) is checked to lit up on low fuel warning

Fanatec Teensy LC Mod:

SLIMax Manager Pro works really well with Fanatec Teensy mod and it’s cool to be able to use your Fanatec rim “as is” with a QR adapter provided by the SimRacingBay for example on OSW Simucube platform.

User Guide And Support

User Guide And Support

To go further:
The primary software support information is in on the getting started page and user guides (include video tutorials), see the link below:

User Guides and documentation (all you need to know to start with the emulator in English, Français and Italiano)


if you need assistance read the documentation, F.A.Q. and watching the video tutorials, If you have a hardware issue contact your hardware supplier or the Fanatec support directly, we don’t do any hardware support.

VDASH-EMU The Perfect “Second Screen” For Your Fanatec Steering Wheel:
Add a Virtual Racing Display Emulator for Android and Windows as a second screen to your
Fanatec hardware to increase your immersion and gaming experience.


Configure Games

The plugins information page is a good source to know if your game or simulation is supported or not, check this HERE

Almost All Plugins are usually included in the installer of SLIMax Manager Pro and MotionMax Manager. Check for update to get the latest version of plugins and keep your install up to date.

Here is the list of plugins available at this date (2021-07, check the plugins page for more info):

Official (2021-07):

Read the FAQ: configure your game or simulation

rFactor Pro**,
rFactor 2,
rFactor Steam,
Assetto Corsa Pro**,
Assetto Corsa Competizione,
Assetto Corsa,
Assetto Corsa XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
RaceRoom Racing Experience (Sector 3),
EA Grid Legends,
All CodeMasters games
Codemasters / EA F1 22,
Codemasters / EA F1 22 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Codemasters F1 2021,
Codemasters F1 2021 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Codemasters F1 2020,
Codemasters F1 2019,
Codemasters DiRT Rally 2.0,
Codemasters F1 2018,
Codemasters F1 2017,
Codemasters F1 2017 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Codemasters DiRT 4,
Codemasters DiRT Rally,
Codemasters F1 2016,
Codemasters F1 2016 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Codemasters F1 2015,
Codemasters F1 2014,
Codemasters F1 2013,
Codemasters F1 2012,
Codemasters F1 2011,
Codemasters F1 2010,
Codemasters GRID Autosport,
Codemasters GRID2,
Codemasters DiRT3,
Codemasters DiRT2,
Codemasters GRID,
Automobilista 2,
Formula Truck (all versions),
Game Stock Car,
SMS Games
Project CARS 3,

Project CARS 2,
Project CARS 2 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Project CARS,
Project CARS XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
All rFactor Clones
ARCA Sim Racing,
Superleague Formula
Simbin GTR2,
Simbin Steam GTR2,
Simbin Steam Race07 + all packs,
Simbin GTR EVO,
Simbin RaceON,
Simbin RaceInjection,
Simbin STCC I / II,
Simbin WTCC,
Simbin Injection,
Simbin GT Power,
Simbin Retro Expansion,
Simbin DTM Experience,
BeamNG Drive,
KartKraft (Black Delta),
PiBoSo Kart Racing Pro,
PiBoSo MX Bikes,
PiBoSo GP Bikes,
PiBoSo World Racing Series,
Papyrus NASCAR 2003, (outdated)
Live For Speed,
netKar PRO,(outdated)
Simbin GTR
Grand Prix Legends,
GT Legends,
Richard Burns Rally,
X Motor Racing,
Truck Sim:
Euro Truck Simulation 2,
American Truck Simulator (64Bit)

XPlane 10*,
XPlane 11*,
DCS World (Digital Combat Simulator),
Flight Simulator X (FSX)*,
Flight Simulator 2020 (FS2020)*,
NoLimits Roller Coaster Simulation 2*

*Included with MotionMax Manager and available on demand (not free) for SLIMax Manager Pro
**PRO custom plugins available to PRO subscribers only, contact us

Fanatec Hardware are recommended by EKSIMRacing. All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.