zCube (Lua Developer Kit)

zCube (z³ – phonetic: zi kjub) Lua Developer Kit
(c)2022 by Zappadoc – All Rights Reserved.
Published by EKSIMRacing foundation.

Control Your Gaming Hardware Using Scripting language

zCube Lua Developer Kit Overview

EKSIMRacing foundation is proud to release the zCube (z³) Lua Developer Kit to general public, designed and developed by Zappadoc since 2015 and published by the foundation today (March 2022). This is a big step forward for our users and third party developers to control their sim-racing hardware with the easy, fast and powerful Lua scripting language.

The foundation since 2007 and until today continues to bring out innovations to the community with several major projects available to easily control your dash, usb display devices, steering wheel and motion simulator platform, this new project fits naturally into this line and we hope you will have as much pleasure in creating your custom applications as we do.

zCube Developer Kit
z3 Dev. Kit contains everything to make your custom application for sim racing, flying simulation, prototyping, research, edu and other apps using entertainment hardware.

Including the very fast zCube Engine Runtime and powerful Lua extensions (DLL) to control LEDs, Digital Panels and Inputs (button/axis) on USB display controller, to control motion simulator platform or your robotics projects with Dyadic System SCN5 / SCN6 electric linear actuator.

It’s a great tool for R&D, for testing your hardware, improving reliability and performance, adjusting your forward/inverse kinematics and algorithms of your car racing of flight simulator, improve the traction loss behavior, replicate the behaviors of real F1 or GT steering wheel and many more… Applications are unlimited thanks to zCube device extensions.
Also, high level IPC (inter process communication) functions are included to get telemetry from game (UDP/TCP and Shared Memory management) or to sync. your devices together for parallel tasks.

zCube Programming Language
The zCube Developer Kit uses the Lua scripting language and Lua extensions specially developed to manage your hardware. Lua is a solid, lightweight and easy to embed scripting language. Lua and more specifically LuaJIT is also very fast, several benchmarks show Lua as the fastest interpreted scripting language.
In addition to our super fast zCube Runtime based on LuaJIT we included the device extension for the official runtime of LuaJIT 2.0x and Lua 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4. Obviously Lua is a high-level programming language designed primarily for embedded use in applications, so you can make your own Lua runtime application with c/c++ Visual Studio and add our zCube extensions.

Debugging zCube App
We strongly recommend the Visual Studio code with the great Local Lua Debug extension from Tom Blind

zCube API
z3 engine runtime and z3 device extensions are provided with an easy to use API to fully control your hardware, see the sample code included and online documentation for more info

Community And Social Network
We encourage you to share your custom applications and sample scripts developed with zCube engine on your favorite repository or social network.

Read The Online Documentation For More Info