SLIMax Manager Pro (Sim Racing Display Devices Manager)

SLIMax Manager Pro a powerful tool to control LED, display and inputs of your gaming hardware and tablet Continue reading

VDASH-EMU (Virtual Racing Dash Emulators For Windows and Android)

Show racing telemetry on your Android and Windows tablet. Continue reading

MotionMax Manager (Ultimate 2DOF+TL, 3DOF And 6DOF Motion Simulator Manager)

MotionMax Manager a 6DOF and 2DOF+Traction Loss software for your motion simulator… Continue reading

zCube (Lua Developer Kit)

Control Your Gaming Hardware Using Lua Scripting language… Continue reading

V2RButtonBox (Virtual To Real Button-Box)

Build A REAL Hardware Button-Box Running On Your Android or Windows Tablet… Continue reading

Supported Games (Plugins Updates And Info)

Games supported. Plugins updates and information… Continue reading

Sim Racing UDP Proxy Server (SRPS)

Sim Racing Proxy Server (SRPS) workarounds the limitation of games using UDP telemetry. Relay the stream to multiple apps/devices simultaneously (up to 50) Continue reading