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EKSIMRacing since 2007 works as a foundation (nonprofit organization)   to promote the sim-racing around the world and invites their members to take part to the project by making contribution.

The software is continuously improved to give you more control on your rig and in the same time to build your setup more easily which increase greatly your immersion and gaming experience.

If you find the EKSIMRacing software useful and consider making a donation, then it is good and we thank you for that but you can already support us by registering a new license. If you like our software and want to help us, you can support us and spread the word by doing a review in your favorite social network like your Facebook / forum / blog or create a video on your youtube channel, help other guys to get started with our software, … you can trust us, these actions help us as much as a simple donation.

Obviously, you can tell us what you think by filling the form available HERE.

And if you still want to make a “PURE” donation to help EKSIMRacing to continue building a professional-grade software, maintaining the website, forums, domain name and hosting, also, acquiring game-gear such steering wheels, pedals sets, buttons-boxes and hardware parts for testing the hardware with the manager and obviously, buying/upgrading games/simulations then you can use the buttons below.

PLEASE DO NOT Use These Paypal buttons for purchasing a license, License for your device or EMUlator is $5 USD only, see the link at the bottom of the page.

Click to make your donation
(ATTENTION NOT FOR  A  SOFTWARE LICENSE, It’s a pure donation to give your support to EKSIMRacing projects)

Your support account will be upgraded automatically as follow:

$20+  = Contributor, a full access to MotionMax Manager Info and DIY 2DOF+TL Simulator Project is included
$50+  = GOLD Premium, a full access to MotionMax Manager Info and DIY 2DOF+TL Simulator Project is included
$100+= include benefits of GOLD Premium + Early Access To Display Software
$200+= include benefits of GOLD Premium + Generous Donator + Early Access To Display & MotionMax Simulator Software (1 MMX 2DOF license Included)

japanDonation issue from Japan, read the FAQ


Thank you.

Best Regards,
EKSIMRacing Staff

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