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EKSIMRacing is relies on goodwill of the users to cover its expenses and enable creating of more exiting sim racing software like SLIMax Manager Pro, VDASH-EMU, MotionMax Manager or zCube Lua Developer Kit and releasing new technology like emulator of Racing Dash, V2R virtual Button box, ZTLS very efficient motion traction control system, DIY motion simulator 2DOF to 6DOF HowTo instructions, Z-Ring for QR Fanatec, Moto GP Base, New USB display in partnership with manufacturers,…

Take a moment to consider making a review on your favorite social network or making a donation (see the buttons below). Your reviews are important and contribute to promote our software across the world. The financial support helps our projects remain active so we can continue to provide our software and create new ones.

EKSIMRacing Foundation a nonprofit organization dedicated to sim-racing since 2007, our software give you a full control of your sim-(motion)-rig (racing display, virtual dash and motion simulator), a full immersion and a full gaming experience with more than 60 games supported. All our projects are funded by donations or self-financed with equity and we’re all volunteers.

PLEASE DO NOT use these Paypal buttons below for purchasing a software license. Check this link to learn how to register your license for your steering wheel, USB device or EMUlator

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 $20+  = Contributor, a full access to MotionMax Manager Info and DIY 2DOF+TL Simulator Project is included
 $50+  = GOLD Premium, a full access to MotionMax Manager Info and DIY 2DOF+TL Simulator Project is included
 $50+  = zCube Premium For zCube Registered Members, all GOLD Premium access + full access to zCube Scripts Examples, Game Lua API And Premium Scripting Support
 $100+= include benefits of GOLD Premium + Early Access To Display Software
 $200+= include benefits of GOLD Premium + Generous Donator + Early Access To Display & MotionMax Simulator Software (1 MMX 2DOF license Included)

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