If you try to make a Paypal donation from Japan and received this error message:


Login your Paypal account and send money to “Friend or Family” to the EKSIMRacing foundation email ( see the email in the picture above). It seems Japanese can no longer send donation since the April 2013!? this information need to be verified…

PayPalアカウントをログインし、eksimracing Foundationのメールに「友人または家族」にお金を送信します(上の写真のメールを参照)。 2013年4月以降、日本人はもはや寄付を送ることができないようです!? この情報を検証する必要があります…

How to get the display or emulator serial number?
copy the serial number from the “Registration Info” window


Also, don’t forget to add in Paypal comments:

– your FULL NAME in latin characters (Romaji)

– the type of USB device (VDASH-EMU, SLI-F1, SLI-PRO, SLI-M, SIM Race F1, SIM Race LCD, etc…)

– and the serial number

The correct device type + its serial number and your full name are absolutely needed to generate the license


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