Codemasters UDP Proxy Server (CMPS v2.4.3.4 2018-06-18)


Codemasters Proxy Server ( CMPS )
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This proxy server (integrated in SLIMax Manager Pro ) will get around the limitation of Codemasters games to manage the telemetry for more than one devices or apps ( Up to 50 devices/apps on local or remote PC can be used simultaneously ). Read the info below and watch the video tutorial for more info.

IMPORTANT We strongly suggest to use the NEW Universal SIM Racing Proxy Server (SRPS)
Since the recent updates of Windows 10 we noticed a huge latency that prevents to use the Codemaster Proxy Server. The UDP loopback bug doesn’t have a resolution yet and needs to be fixed by Microsoft. A solution will be to switch from UDP to TCP protocol but almost ALL games use UDP… A workaround that seems to work is to edit the properties of the Codemasters Proxy Server and set the compatibility mode to Windows 8 and sometime to Run As Admin (see the screenshot), update your Windows 10 or better user the new Universal SIM Racing Proxy Server (SRPS).

Activate the integrated Codemasters Proxy Server (CMPS):

To activate CMPS in SLIMax Manager Pro open the General Options and set the option Manage Proxy Codemasters to true, APPLY and SAVE.

Open CMPS Settings:

Select “Options…” menu using Windows-Tray icon or CMPS menu

F1 2014 EXAMPLE:

F1 2017 EXAMPLE:

Fantastic tutorial available created by MrPix from

A recommended watching to get started with Codemasters Proxy Server ( CMPS ) and if you own a motion simulator or any sim-racing device NON SUPPORTED by SLIMax Manager:

The Proxy is included, managed and installed automatically by SLIMax Manager Pro Installer
and it is ONLY REQUIRED for simulator or devices NON MANAGED/NON SUPPORTED by SLIMax Manager Pro
(i.e EVOTEK Simulators or X-SIM simulator or ButtKicker or SimVibe for example).

This server will get around the limitation of Codemasters games to manage more than one OutGauge app/device. it get connected to CM game with a main Proxy OutGauge port ( #20777 by default) and dispatch outgauge data to all registered apps/devices (UDP ports list – up to 50 devices).

Click this link to configure the Codemasters game, here.

Tested with
F1 2010, F1 2011, F1 2012 API v1 or API v2,
F1 2014, F1 2013, GRID 2 and GRID Autosport, DiRT Rally, DiRT 4 API v3
DiRT2,and DiRT3 1.1 API v1 (Attention, DiRT3 1.2 need to be fixed by Codemasters to run with UDP extradata=”1″ do not update DiRT3, read the FAQ for more info).
F1 2015, F1 2016 API v4
F1 2017 API v5

F1 2018 API v6
API V6 CAN’T BE MIXED with older API versions, ALL devices must support API V6.

What’s new in version
– conformity with latest patch of F1 2018 (API v6)

What’s new in version
– conformity with latest patch of F1 2017

What’s new in version
– support of F1 2017 game and conformity with latest version of API v5

What’s new in version
– support of DiRT 4 and F1 2017 titles

What’s new in version 2.4.3?
– cfg settings files are now in …/Documents/SLIMax Manager Pro/cfg/ directory to be in conformity with SLIMax Manager Pro (v3.4.6 or greater ) settings files

What’s new in version 2.4.2?

– support of F1 2015 and API v4 added

What’s new in version 2.4.1?

– support of DiRT Rally added

What’s new in version

– remote IP added, sending udp packets over the network to a remote host is now possible (by default the localhost is used: )

What’s new in version 2.4?

The new version 2.4 let you define the Codemasters API version used by each device (udp port), some motion device simulator expect std version 1 of the API only but SLIMax Manager as you know manage the latest v3 API, so you can now mix version of api and send the appropriate data to all devices.

Example of config for F1 2013 game:
using SLIMax Mgr with Codemasters API v3
+ a motion simulator which expect UDP data on port 10001 and use only api v1

Example of config for F1 2017 game:

See the app itself for more details.

Codemasters OutGauge Proxy Server
Latest pkg CodemastersProxyServerV2.4.3.4 (updated 2018-06):

REMINDER: latest version of the Proxy Server is ALREADY INCLUDED WITH SLIMAX MANAGER PRO v3.4.6.2 or greater which can be downloaded here

Click the red download button below to get the proxy server alone without SLIMax Manager Pro:

* if app won’t start, you probably need to install the MS C++ Runtime simply install the SLIMax Mgr Pro (the installer contains the MS C++ Runtime and install it automatically).

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