LFS installation:

SLIMax Manager Pro is already configured to work with LFS.

LFS Plugin Activation:
check if the plugin is activated first (see how to activate a plugin see here ). The LFS Plugin is ACTIVATED by default.

Edit LFS Configuration in LFS directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\LFS\cfg.txt:

OutGauge Mode 2
OutGauge Delay 1
OutGauge IP
OutGauge Port 30005
OutGauge ID 0

start lfs with insim command (see picture attached) or create a shortcut
“C:\Program Files (x86)\LFS\LFS.exe” /insim=29999

AND activate the Qualify on single player mode (see pictures)

Do not forget to set the QUALIFY delay or SLIMax Mgr will never receive the necessary info to work with LFS.


if you know what you are doing and need to change the default setting, open the Plugin Manager to edit LFS Plugin Options:




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