the SLIMax Mgr bridge is a piece of code (dll plugin) that do the bridge with SLIMax Mgr and the simulation. The bridge do not manage any hardware and as such it can NOT be in conflict with your display or steering wheel or any hardware, this is just a “proxy” for telemetry data and can be safely installed.

rFactor “Clone” = simulation based on rFactor gMotor renderer.

You need to  copy the rFactor “bridge” dll into ../Plugins/ directory of your “rFactor Clone” simulation. Use the internal helpers to install it automatically. Obviously the Hardware Plugin option in simulation or game settings must be allowed.

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New Reiza titles (games and simulations like Game Stock Car, Formula FTruck, Game Petrobras de Marcas, etc. ) install automatically the SLIMax Manager bridge from their Sync System into Plugins directory of each game,
you should see the ReizaSLIMaxMgrBridge.dll and readme files in Plugins directory after sync and obviously the rFactorSLIBridge.dll can be removed.

SLIMax Manager installer version or greater will check the Reiza bridge installation as well and delete the old rFactorSLIBridge dll if found.

Notes: if you still see rFactorSLIBridge.dll in Reiza plugin options after the update of SLIMax Mgr v3.4.2.6a or greater, delete the file ..\Documents\SLIMax Manager Pro\cfg\plugins_options.ecfg to reset the plugins preferences.


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