VDASH-EMU (Virtual Racing Dash Emulators For Windows and Android)

Virtual Racing Dash Display Emulators

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Virtual racing dash to show game telemetry on your Android, Windows tablet and second monitor
(The latest version of SLIMax Manager Pro is required)

VDASH-EMU Ultimate Edition Version 1.1-38d for Android, Windows and SIM Race LCD USB device. Last update 2022-12-19.
The ULTIMATE EDITION contains many high quality templates and all popular textures packs ready to use.


Add a Virtual Racing Dash Display Emulator for Windows or Android as a second screen to your sim racing hardware to increase your immersion and gaming experience.

VDASH-EMU Ultimate Edition works with latest SLIMax Manager Pro and can be used with more than 60 games. Check For Update to get the latest version of the software or download the full installer, HERE.


VDash-EMU (Racing Dash) Windows Edition, Drag&Drop Features:


System Requirements

System Requirements:

*Android System Requirements:
Smartphone/Tablet with Android minimum version 2.3.3 connected to the wifi local network with your PC running the latest SLIMax Manager Pro. A tablet is recommended for VDASH-EMU. VDASH-EMU can be installed on up to 4 Android tablets connected to your LAN local network.

*Windows System Requirements:
Windows OS up to date 7/8/8.1/10/11 running the latest version of SLIMax Manager Pro (VDASH-EMU can be installed on up to 4 PC connected to the LAN local network) and video driver compatible OpenGL 2.0 or greater.

Emulator license requires a contribution to EKSIMRacing foundation (read this Page for more info)

All emulators are powered by SLIMax Manager Pro which support more than 60 simulations / games.


Virtual Racing Dash/Display Emulator (VDASH-EMU)
For Android and Windows

User Guide – Guide d’utilisation – Guida utente

SLIMax VDASH-EMU Guide d'utilisation
SLIMax VDASH-EMU Guida utente

Games List

The plugins information page is a good source to know if your game or simulation is supported or not, check this HERE

Almost All Plugins are usually included in the installer of SLIMax Manager Pro and MotionMax Manager. Check for update to get the latest version of plugins and keep your install up to date.

Here is the list of plugins available at this date (2021-07, check the plugins page for more info):

Official (2021-07):

Read the FAQ: configure your game or simulation

rFactor Pro**,
rFactor 2,
rFactor Steam,
Assetto Corsa Pro**,
Assetto Corsa Competizione,
Assetto Corsa,
Assetto Corsa XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
RaceRoom Racing Experience (Sector 3),
EA Grid Legends,
All CodeMasters games
Codemasters / EA F1 22,
Codemasters / EA F1 22 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Codemasters F1 2021,
Codemasters F1 2021 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Codemasters F1 2020,
Codemasters F1 2019,
Codemasters DiRT Rally 2.0,
Codemasters F1 2018,
Codemasters F1 2017,
Codemasters F1 2017 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Codemasters DiRT 4,
Codemasters DiRT Rally,
Codemasters F1 2016,
Codemasters F1 2016 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Codemasters F1 2015,
Codemasters F1 2014,
Codemasters F1 2013,
Codemasters F1 2012,
Codemasters F1 2011,
Codemasters F1 2010,
Codemasters GRID Autosport,
Codemasters GRID2,
Codemasters DiRT3,
Codemasters DiRT2,
Codemasters GRID,
Automobilista 2,
Formula Truck (all versions),
Game Stock Car,
SMS Games
Project CARS 3,

Project CARS 2,
Project CARS 2 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Project CARS,
Project CARS XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
All rFactor Clones
ARCA Sim Racing,
Superleague Formula
Simbin GTR2,
Simbin Steam GTR2,
Simbin Steam Race07 + all packs,
Simbin GTR EVO,
Simbin RaceON,
Simbin RaceInjection,
Simbin STCC I / II,
Simbin WTCC,
Simbin Injection,
Simbin GT Power,
Simbin Retro Expansion,
Simbin DTM Experience,
BeamNG Drive,
KartKraft (Black Delta),
PiBoSo Kart Racing Pro,
PiBoSo MX Bikes,
PiBoSo GP Bikes,
PiBoSo World Racing Series,
Papyrus NASCAR 2003, (outdated)
Live For Speed,
netKar PRO,(outdated)
Simbin GTR
Grand Prix Legends,
GT Legends,
Richard Burns Rally,
X Motor Racing,
Truck Sim:
Euro Truck Simulation 2,
American Truck Simulator (64Bit)

XPlane 10*,
XPlane 11*,
DCS World (Digital Combat Simulator),
Flight Simulator X (FSX)*,
Flight Simulator 2020 (FS2020)*,
NoLimits Roller Coaster Simulation 2*

*Included with MotionMax Manager and available on demand (not free) for SLIMax Manager Pro
**PRO custom plugins available to PRO subscribers only, contact us

VDASH Templates

Featured Templates

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