the shift light is always in the full lighted position, why?
the Device is tagged with a WARNING icon in the Devices list, why?
the device isn't recognized by Windows, why?


Your BU0710 device firmware from Leo Bodnar is old (10-years-old) and isn’t fully compatible with the new USB2.0 or USB3.x, Windows do not recognize the device connected to your computer directly or to an USB2 or USB3 Hub, You have to plug/unplug it several times to get your device ready.

Open the Devices And Printers manager of Windows to check if the icon of your device is correct and the device recognized by Windows.



Also, your old BU0710 device do not require a license with version 3.4.x of SLIMax Mgr Pro however, it can’t be managed the same way as new modern device displays using the latest version of SLIMax Manager Pro so we suggest to deactivate the internal scripting module by adding a simple empty text file named “noscripts.txt” to your ../Documents/…/SLIMax Manager Pro/cfg/ directory.

We’re no longer doing software support for this 10 years old display, however the license is 100% free and seems to work fine with the latest version of SLIMax Manager Pro.


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