Getting Started With SIM Race LCD

Two EKSIMRacing software must be installed prior to enjoy your new SIM Race LCD Device. Ledsmaster and VDASH-EMU For SIM Race LCD Display emulator (a special dedicated version of VDASH-EMU for your SIM race LCD device).

  • Ledsmaster allows you to take the full control of LED, digits, buttons, encoders and switches of your usb device.
  • Virtual Dash Emulator For SIM Race LCD (VDASH-EMU For SIM Race LCD version 1-1.38d or greater) is a hardware display emulator for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 working with your SIM Race LCD device. It contains already the emulation of 4 displays installed and ready to use (+a starter pack with more than 20 high quality virtual racing dash templates). It is optimized for your LCD monitor and contains up to 48 pages for your own custom displays created with the integrated editor.

Enjoy your SIM Race LCD and the powerful emulator with more than 60 games/simulations and fully managed by Ledsmaster

Download Latest Ledsmaster

Click the DOWNLOAD button to get the latest version (more than 60 simulations/games supported).


(Reminder: a SIM Race LCD device and Windows 64Bit are required)


1. Connect your SIM Race LCD to USB
2. Run the VDASH-EMU for SIM Race LCD

Read the following instructions to get started (see the link below)

Watch this video to see how to get your SIM Race LCD and VDASH-EMU licenses:

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet
  • Plug the usb device to your computer preferably to an USB 2.0 or HUB USB 2.0 port
  • Download and install the latest Ledsmaster
  • Download and install the VDASH-EMU For SIM Race LCD  (A SPECIAL VERSION FOR YOUR SIM Race LCD Device)
  • Run the VDASH-EMU For SIM Race LCD (link to VDASH-EMU User Guide)
  • When VDASH-EMU is ready Run Ledsmaster
  • Click No button and follow the registration instructions
  • Click the REGISTER button in the Registration Information window when prompted to do so
  • Make your donation and then create your software support account if you do not have one
  • A notification is sent to you within 24h maximum when your donation and your account are validated (check your SPAM or JUNK folder if you didn’t get it)
  • Repeat the same process for registering the VDASH-EMU For SIM Race LCD device


Once you have received your email notification (check your SPAM folder) to confirm the creation of your support account, repeat the process above in the Quick Installation chapter, but this time click on the YES button for both the SIM Race LCD device and VDASH-EMU to get your licenses.

Ledsmaster will fetch all your licenses from our licensing server AUTOMATICALLY.

REMINDER: you need to create your support account to get the notification email. Obviously you don’t have to create your support account twice when you register your second device or EMU.


if you do not have a support account get your SIM Race LCD serial number and click the blue button REGISTER below to create your account.

Take time to register your support account to get exclusive content and access the software support forum.

Click the REGISTER button to create your support account if you are not yet registered: