Getting Started With Thrustmaster

Getting Started with Thrustmaster and SLIMax Manager Pro

A Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition and SLIMax Manager Pro is the perfect combo!

Read this page to learn the basic steps to get started with the software SLIMax Manager Pro and your Thrustmaster steering wheel. The LEDs of your TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition are fully managed by SLIMax Manager Pro.

Don’t wait! Download and install today the stable version or greater of SLIMax Manager Pro to enjoy your Thrustmaster hardware with more than 60 simulations/games (a software license is required read below for more info).


List of current Thrustmaster Hardware supported*:

Full support of Shift-light Interface in addition of buttons/encoders (software license is required read below for more info):
Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition

All other Thrustmaster hardware are supported as game device with buttons/encoders Management (100% free).

*Tested with latest Thrustmaster driver and firmware.

*Reminder: Version v3.4.6.7h or greater of SLIMax Manager Pro with a valid software licenses is required for a full support of all your Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition

Getting Started


Watch the video above first and read carefully the basic steps to get started with your hardware

– install the latest Thrustmaster Driver (including the latest firmware) and check your hardware, it must be recognized by Windows
(if you have a Thrustmaster Ferrari 488 Challenge rim it is recommended to set it to “Advanced Mode“, see the game device properties)

– download and install the latest SLIMax Manager Pro (do not forget to Check for update to keep your install up to date) and make your minimum donation the EKSIMRacing foundation to get your software license


– configure your simulation or games to send telemetry data (SLIMax Mgr Pro needs the car telemetry to work properly) and disable the Thrustmaster native support of the game (if needed). More info related to each game or simulation supported can be found in the Plugins Pages and in the FAQ below:


– do not forget to CAP THE FPS (limit the frame rate) in the game settings, Start with the default 60 fps value to give some CPU time to other apps in background or your game may eat all the resources of your PC and prevents SLIMax Manager Pro to work properly.

– run SLIMax Manager Pro, click NO to register your license:

– a dialog prompt you to register your software license the first time you launch SLIMax Manager Pro, click “REGISTER” button to make your $5 (USD) contribution to EKSIMRacing foundation and register your support account.

EKSIMRacing Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sim racing since 2007 and ask you to take part to the project by making a minimum donation of $5 for using SLIMax Manager Pro with your Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition.

– your software license and your support account is validated within 24h and a notification is sent to you automatically (login your support account to read your pending messages ),

*IMPORTANT: nothing is sent to you if you don’t have a support account the license is registered within 24h and a notification is sent automatically to your support account. Do not forget to register your account after making your donation to receive all the information to get started quickly with your steering wheel and SLIMax Mgr Pro.

– launch SLIMax Manager Pro to fetch and install your software license automatically from our licensing server,

This time click YES to download, install and validate your license

– run your favorite sim or game

It is strongly recommended to follow the basic steps above, you basically do not need anything else to get started,

– always use the default Thrustmaster setup and enjoy your sim racing rig with your favorite game or simulation first (SLIMax Manager Pro supports more than 60 game/simulation) and later start to customize your setup to suit your needs.



The Basic Setup Options:

Select the Basic Setup Options to change the Pit limiter, Shiftlights or Shiftpoints method, etc.

More info on Basic Setup Options are available in User Guide, HERE

Select a skin:

Select a default setup:

The Thrustmaster default setups named thrustmaster_default.cfg. (see the screenshot below) are suitable for almost ALL simulations or games other than modern F1 cars (2015 season and beyond) so it’s preferable to select the corresponding F1 setups in this case. These setups ARE RECOMMENDED for beginners and to get started quickly.

More info on Basic Setup Options are available in User Guide, HERE

VDASH-EMU SIM Racing Dash Display – The Perfect “Second Screen” For Your Thrustmaster Steering Wheel

Add a Virtual Racing Dash Display Emulator for Android and Windows as a second screen to your Thrustmaster hardware to increase your immersion and gaming experience and get telemetry from the games. Hundreds dash (page templates) are available, ready to use.

Show racing telemetry on your Android and Windows tablet.


VDASH-EMU Getting Started,
User Guides and documentation
(all you need to know to start with the emulator in English, French and Italian)

Advanced Setup Options

Advanced Setup Options:

Don’t start with Advanced Setup Options, you must first be familiar with SLIMax Manager Basic Setup Options and default setups, Also, it is recommended to read and understand the user guide and watching video tutorials (tips are available in support forum as well) before using the Advanced Setup Options.

The Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition Shiftlights is managed by 2 modes.

15 led Mode (default) and the 13 led Mode, you can toggle from one to the other simply by selecting the corresponding setup. All setups contains a suffix mode15 led or mode13 led.

15 led (default) Mode dedicates ALL the 15 LED to the RPM Shiftlights

This is the default setup mode when you install SLIMax Mgr Pro using all the 15 LED of your steering wheel for the RPM Shiftlights.

The 13 led mode uses 2 Marshal led + 13 led for RPM Shifthlights.

The 2 Marshal can be dedicated to DRS or Flags (yellow, blue, etc.) or other warning events like Low Fuel, Damage, overheating, etc.. You can easily customize your configuration to blink the LED on such events using the Advanced Setup Options panel and be notified (obviously the simulation or game needs to send enough telemetry data to support these flags or warning info).

Marshal Led 1 is on Left and Marshal Led 2 is on right,
Double-click the corresponding LED function in
Advanced Setup Options > Settings > LED

and tick the led 1 or 2 (or both), then click the button OK, APPLY your change and SAVE your setup.

Exemple with low fuel warning on Marshal LED 2:

low fuel warning is triggered when your fuel tank contains 4 remaining laps (4 is the default value and can be changed)

Super Advanced Setup Options (EXPERT):

Don’t start with this Super Advanced Setup Options, you must first be familiar with SLIMax Manager Basic Setup Options and default setups,

Check the video tutorials, doc and F.A.Q. to go further and learn how to customize your setup to suit your needs.

User Guide And Support

To go further:
The primary software support information is in on the getting started page and user guides (include video tutorials), see the link below:

User Guides


if you need assistance read the documentation, F.A.Q. and watching the video tutorials, If you have a hardware issue contact your hardware supplier or the Thrustmaster support directly, we don’t do any hardware support.

Configure Games

The plugins information page is a good source to know if your game or simulation is supported or not, check this HERE

Almost All Plugins are usually included in the installer of SLIMax Manager Pro and MotionMax Manager. Check for update to get the latest version of plugins and keep your install up to date.

Here is the list of plugins available at this date (2021-07, check the plugins page for more info):

Official (2021-07):

Read the FAQ: configure your game or simulation

rFactor Pro**,
rFactor 2,
rFactor Steam,
Assetto Corsa Pro**,
Assetto Corsa Competizione,
Assetto Corsa,
Assetto Corsa XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
RaceRoom Racing Experience (Sector 3),
EA Grid Legends,
All CodeMasters games
Codemasters / EA F1 22,
Codemasters / EA F1 22 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Codemasters F1 2021,
Codemasters F1 2021 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Codemasters F1 2020,
Codemasters F1 2019,
Codemasters DiRT Rally 2.0,
Codemasters F1 2018,
Codemasters F1 2017,
Codemasters F1 2017 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Codemasters DiRT 4,
Codemasters DiRT Rally,
Codemasters F1 2016,
Codemasters F1 2016 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Codemasters F1 2015,
Codemasters F1 2014,
Codemasters F1 2013,
Codemasters F1 2012,
Codemasters F1 2011,
Codemasters F1 2010,
Codemasters GRID Autosport,
Codemasters GRID2,
Codemasters DiRT3,
Codemasters DiRT2,
Codemasters GRID,
Automobilista 2,
Formula Truck (all versions),
Game Stock Car,
SMS Games
Project CARS 3,

Project CARS 2,
Project CARS 2 XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
Project CARS,
Project CARS XBox/PlayStation Console Bridge,
All rFactor Clones
ARCA Sim Racing,
Superleague Formula
Simbin GTR2,
Simbin Steam GTR2,
Simbin Steam Race07 + all packs,
Simbin GTR EVO,
Simbin RaceON,
Simbin RaceInjection,
Simbin STCC I / II,
Simbin WTCC,
Simbin Injection,
Simbin GT Power,
Simbin Retro Expansion,
Simbin DTM Experience,
BeamNG Drive,
KartKraft (Black Delta),
PiBoSo Kart Racing Pro,
PiBoSo MX Bikes,
PiBoSo GP Bikes,
PiBoSo World Racing Series,
Papyrus NASCAR 2003, (outdated)
Live For Speed,
netKar PRO,(outdated)
Simbin GTR
Grand Prix Legends,
GT Legends,
Richard Burns Rally,
X Motor Racing,
Truck Sim:
Euro Truck Simulation 2,
American Truck Simulator (64Bit)

XPlane 10*,
XPlane 11*,
DCS World (Digital Combat Simulator),
Flight Simulator X (FSX)*,
Flight Simulator 2020 (FS2020)*,
NoLimits Roller Coaster Simulation 2*

*Included with MotionMax Manager and available on demand (not free) for SLIMax Manager Pro
**PRO custom plugins available to PRO subscribers only, contact us

Thrustmaster Hardware are recommended by EKSIMRacing. All product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.